18 Apr 2010

Stuck in Boston

I came out here for a one-night stop flight and am still here after 4 nights with more to come... running out of clean clothes fast.  The volcano that has shut UK and much of the European airspace has grounded me here but at least it is better than being the crew in Lagos!  I have shot the last couple of images for Assignment 2 and was going to pick and publish my final choice on my return but everything is on hold at the moment.  This is very frustrating.

I haven't wasted my time having filled 12 Gigs of cards and worn out almost all of my batteries but the weather is now wet and very cold so not much motivation to do more photography at the moment.  All I can do is save something to shoot the Boston Marathon tomorrow as it might be a great subject.

So Assignment 2 is going to be late... sigh. 

Back home after a 9 day trip and I think I have enough for Assignment 2 now.  I have to buckle down and assemble my shots but there are a few forest fires to put out at home first.


  1. It may be late Nick but excuses dont come much better than that !! I was wondering whether you had got stuck anywhere, hope you get back soon and good luck with the assignment.

  2. Thanks Janet... all done now.