11 Jun 2010


Wow I am getting myself down in the dumps at the moment.  I am trying to shoot the exercises for primary/secondary colours as well as the colour relationships exercise and am banging my head against a brick wall here!

The colour wheel in my course notes isn't even close to the actual colour that I get when I set the correct RGB settings for a colour in Photoshop.  So I have been wandering around with my notes and visually matching a scene to the printed colour wheel only to come back to my computer to find out it is way off.  The printed colours are much more muted than is achieved on screen and has skewed my assessment and wasted so much of my time.

I thought that I had most of these exercises in the bag but now I am going to have to get out and do it all again.

This is a great example of how hard it is to match printed work to actual colours but I would have thought our course notes might be printed with a bit more care.

So here is our colour wheel photographed and then screen matched for colour so that the colours are as exact as I can achieve visually.  Although the paper looks a bit grey I can assure you that the match is good.  Then I have pasted in circles of the correct RGB setting for the actual colours.  Take a look for yourselves!

The actual colours are so dull when compared with the correct screen colours it makes using this colour wheel in the field a waste of time.  So, I am going to look for a commercial colour wheel to take around with me to see if I can get a better match for my next effort... *&%$£ @+%£**!

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  1. Hi Nick

    Sorry to read of your frustrations which I saw in the Flickr OCA group discussion.

    I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination but IMHO could the clue be here from your earlier post:

    "I now have my cameras, Photoshop and my monitors all working to Adobe RGB (1998) so at least they are all talking apples and not apples, pears and bananas."

    I'm sure I have read in one of my many photography tombs that it is advisable to stay away from Adobe RGB unless printing in the comercial world. I'll try and locate it since I haven't experienced such a drastic colour difference as you seem to have so far.

    Hope this isn't a red herring and it would certainly need a more qualified opinion but it may help.....