6 Feb 2011

Darcy Padilla - The Julie Project

I was browsing my fellow students blogs looking at some of the great work out there and came across a link to the Julie Project.  My thanks to Dave Whenham (FatherPie) for pointing me there.

I am finding it hard to get my thoughts together after looking through Darcy's work with Julie as she documented the last 18 years of her life.  It puts my own photographic efforts into perspective when I see what an impact a photograph can achieve.  The heart rending and tragic story of Julie's life is portrayed with such feeling and skill I am in awe of her as a photographer and a person.  Her photo journalistic ability is, in my mind, only matched by such stars as Bill Brandt and Bert Hardey and I hope that the recent awarding of 2010 W. Eugene Smith Award in Humanistic Photography is the first of many she receives in recognition of her efforts.  It is apt that I am working through the TAOP module in Light as it is Darcy's ability to use light and exposure in the most difficult and trying of circumstances, both technical and emotional that I find so amazing.  In particular her shot of the birth of Julie's last child Elyssa found here is a truly great example of the skill of light exposure and of finding the decisive moment.

I am sure that I am only one amongst many who will be moved by Darcy's photographs and story telling and I urge all to visit her web site and see for yourselves.

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