20 Feb 2010

Assignment 1 - Contrasts

My first assignment Contrasts is finished and can be viewed at http://nicksoca.webs.com
more specifically you can go straight to the page from here...

It has been something of a voyage of discovery but I am pleased with the results and looking forward to reading the comments of my tutor.  I found it surprisingly difficult working to the brief as each pair of words was a little brief in its own right and each demanded a lot of thought and planning.  I had plenty of ideas but found that I had to scale down my plans to find practical solutions that I could realistically shoot.  Time and a smashed lens have also been against me and I have a reluctance to accept less than the best... but it is time to move on.



  1. Nick

    You are in a class of your own, IMHO.

    Well worth the wait. Excellent quality images and great lateral thinking. Thanks for sharing.

    (Wonder you have been recently )


  2. Thanks Brian and your comments are much appreciated. In Manhattan at the moment trying to sleep for the over night flight home. I have been working hard on getting the pictures on line and have to do some more to this blog post once I have reread my brief (which I left at home... silly boy).

    Keep up the good work yourself...