18 May 2011

Exercise: Variety with a low sun

It's been a few weeks since I published work but things have been hectic at work and although I have been taking photographs I have missed opportunities to post.  This exercise asked us to examine the properties of a low sun, ie the 'Golden Hour', but basically within 2 hours of sun rise or sun set.  We were asked to display at least four photographs demonstrating frontal, side, back and edge lighting.





Going through these images I am a little disappointed as I really don't think I made best use of the light quality so, if I have time, I shall revisit this exercise and re-shoot some of the photos.  However, as a learning exercise I felt that I got the point and enjoyed working in the lovely light that was present.  Some of the other images that I took at the time are below.


One thing I always love is the buttery quality stone takes under the orange tints that the setting sun gives.

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