29 May 2012


It took a while but I recently received my Formal Assessment for TAoP.


Well what did you expect?  I don't mean it like that but I must remember that at this stage the Formal Assessment doesn't count towards my final degree but it does give a guide on performance and allows me to progress to the next stage of study. So I now have 40 credits.

The marks I received just give me an idea of of the sort of level that I am currently working at and they were:

Technical and Visual Skills - 30/40
Quality of Outcome - 15/20
Creativity - 16/20
Context - 15/20

This gives a total of 76/100 which just puts me into the area I need for a First... not that I am being complacent as there is a very long way to go.  I am, however, pleased as Punch that I have the potential to get there if I can continue the same standard.

The advice I received for my further studies was that my submission was considered strong throughout.  There was evidence of fluent technical, visual and observational skills in my well presented learning log.  My comments following my tutor reports demonstrated my ability to reflect on my own learning.  My assignment work was considered strong and showed great creativity.  My final assignment was thought to be convincing with excellent narrative, confirming my technical proficiency.

So, although I am now well into my DPP module I can reflect back on TAoP as a good start and I am reinvigorated in my enthusiasm.

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  1. That is brilliant news! You have every right to be proud of yourself! Well done.