14 Mar 2010

Exercise: Curves

Curves have a feeling of movement and direction similar to diagonal lines.  The exercise requires four images that demonstrate these qualities.

1/80, f6.3, 24mm, ISO100
Covered driveway

1/500, f10.0, 82mm, ISO100
Frozen lake

1/300, f7.1, 90mm, ISO100
Fence with shadow

1/320, f8.0, 75mm, ISO100
Wind art

I am happier with my curve images than I was with a couple of my diagonal shots as I feel that I have got a better grip of the brief.  Certainly they all have a stronger feeling of movement and direction.  The covered driveway has a lovely pair of mirrored curves that lead away and are complemented by the concentric circles created by the paved road.  The vehicle adds to the feeling of movement and direction, albeit in a rather obvious way, nevertheless it works for me.  Below it, the Frozen lake leads right from the bottom of the shot upwards in a sensuous series of curves that takes the eye up to the less obvious river that completes the journey to the edge of the frame.  The white ice makes a great contrast between the lake and the surrounding terrain.  The iron Fence with shadow is a nice continuation of the curve to complete a half circle.  The radial lines create the sense of movement from the centre of the circle outwards.  Finally, the Wind art is a multiple exposure (albeit a digital version) which shows the potential of the moving artwork to swing in the wind.  The curved line of the building complements the curve of the artwork and the whole thing works on several levels, as a series of curves, contrasting colours and the impression of movement. 

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