7 Mar 2010

Exercise: Horizontal and Vertical lines

After points this was a delightfully simple exercise... after all, most of our creations consist of lines in one way or another.  The only trick was trying not to be too obvious or repetitive.

Horizontal lines

1/400, f8.0, 105mm, ISO400
Street lines for a crossing in Boston MA
1/80, f3.2, macro, ISO1250
Liquid Crystal display screen

 1/160, f22.0, 88mm, ISO50
Pile of plastic drink coasters with motion blur

1/320, f6.3, 105mm, ISO400
Old Glory

Vertical Lines

1/320, f6.3, 105mm, ISO400
Pavement decoration

1/100, f4.0, 96mm, ISO800
Escalator moving stairway

1/60, f8.0, 45mm, ISO400
Rain going down a street drain

1/80, f6.3, 32mm, ISO400
The Scientology church in Boston MA

Now it appears I can read on... 

From our text book we are asked to see which of our photographs reflects the techniques mentioned.  In the Horizontal sense Freeman suggests we could use the horizon, man-made flat surfaces, long shadows from a low sun, a row of objects, a mass of objects at a low angle.  In the Vertical sense we might use walls, posts or man made structures, tree trunks, a standing figure, a road or path, a row of objects.
From my images I can see that I have used some of the scenarios that are offered and added a few of my own although I have tended to rely on man made subjects that offer the greatest symmetry of lines.  Lines that are less formal aren't those that appealed to me and I feel that I should take them more into consideration.

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