7 Mar 2010

Exercise: Multiple points

I have a self confessed horror of still life!  As a result this exercise has caused me no end of pain.  I have, however, done my best to produce an attractive set of points that I believe hang together as an acceptable image.

The exercise requires a series of photographs showing the stages during the construction of a still life using points.  I chose a number of wooden fruit ornaments and a bowl to place them in as my basis.  Initially I set the orientation in the vertical sense but, as you will see, changed  my mind towards the end when I realised that it wasn't working.

At this point I was quite pleased.  The orientation of the pears looked good and I got the apple with the hole correctly placed for the light.  I also liked the overlaps that the dark apple and the pear stalk created when they cut the circle of the plate.

By this point things are becoming confused.  The small plumb has come and gone as it was lost behind the rim of the bowl.  The position of the banana and the knife are causing me concern as I can't find a satisfactory relationship between the two.

I putting the plate and knife in a more conventional orientation has solved my balance problems and I chose to squeeze the plate to beyond the edge of the frame so that it occupied a less formal position in the shot.  The lemon has been replaced by the banana which counters the roundness of the other objects and creates a contrasting line to that created by the pair of pears.  The knife is on a third line and although I think I left it too close to the plate it looks much more natural here.  I have introduced a golden reflector to the left side of the image to lighten the shadow there and ease the rather hard lighting.

The final image.

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