14 Mar 2010

Exercise: Diagonals

In this exercise we are asked to shoot four images that use diagonal lines strongly in the image.

 1/1000, f13.0, 105mm, ISO200
Ice cracking in Hudson Bay, Canada

 1/250, f10.0, 24mm, ISO100
Walkway in Pasadena, Calafornia

1/1600, f14.0, 105mm, ISO400
Crossing vapour trails

1/400, f9.0, 92mm, ISO100
Building front

To obtain these diagonals I have used a combination of naturally occurring diagonal lines and those created by the camera.  The particularly strong images come from those repetitive angles as in the Building front above.  Here the repetitive rhythm of the lines adds to the feeling of direction that the diagonals create.  The strong perspective created by the use of a wide angle focal length in the Walkway in Pasadena give diagonal lines that run into the distance but the angled pergola and zigzagging curb enhance the feeling of sharp and distinct lines.  To contrast the symmetry of the formal lines of building work I have included a shot of breaking ice that has natural breaks and sharp diagonals that lead across the image.  The lines of vapour trails show something that I didn't expect in that, rather than creating a feeling of movement they have a very static effect, perhaps caused by the central crossing of the lines.

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