21 Oct 2011


I have just filled out my Assessment Application Form.  What a disappointment the on-line administration of OCA can be.  It took a long phone call to help me find the form on the web site as the links from the student handbook go nowhere and the form itself doesn't appear in the Key Resources!

Having dispatched the form I find that I can't have an assessment until March next year!  I am also a bit concerned that the only link I am asked to give is to this blog.  I have all my assignments on a separate web site and although they are linked to posts on this blog I thought there might be somewhere to put that on the form.

Should an assessor get here and still be unsure where all my assignments are, they can be found here

The links to each assignment are on the relevant tabs and to get back to the main folder click in the centre of the title The Art of Photography.

I am also required to make my tutor's feedback reports available so have downloaded them to Google Docs and link them here:

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