14 Oct 2011

Shooting assignment 5

I think I have my last TAoP assignment in the bag (or on the card I should say nowadays).  The timing has been perfect as I have just finished a commercial shoot for a cricket bat maker who needed a new set of images for his latest product line and web site.  So I set up a shoot at his workshop and spent two days working through his entire list of products and then I followed the craftsmen through the making of a bat, from start to finish.  

Since assignment 5 is all about a commercial magazine shoot, rather than faking something I thought I might just a well use the images from a real job.  

 The main problem I have is the layout of the 'magazine' as I have very little in my past to fall back on and I am finding the task a difficult one.  I would love to fill each page with a full size image but that is far from realistic so I am placing several photos on each page and it is that balance that is causing me most concern.

Still, I think I am just about there and will soon be working on the new web site page to show off the finished article.  


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