15 Oct 2011

Getting ahead of myself

Well I have completed Assignment 5 but don't feel I can send it up for assessment yet as I still have an outstanding exercise... a single photograph of Rain!  I have been waiting quite some time for a suitable day but we have had an usually dry and warm end to summer and even though we are now in autumn things are still unseasonably good.

I want to get TAoP finished so that I can move on and really need to get it done by November so if we don't have any rain in the next couple of days I will have to manufacture something.  I only have a couple of days at home between now and the end of the month as my schedule has me in Dubai for 3 days and Hong Kong/Sydney for 9 days so it is now or never.

As an aside... I re-read the Assignment 5 brief and realise that it says 6-12 pages, whilst I thought it was 6-12 images.  Luckily I have filled 6 pages with 11 images so have achieved the aim; I just feel that I could have used another couple of shots to cover more of the bat making process that I have as a subject.  Mind you, I think any editor would have trimmed my 'article' down as more than 6 pages would have been something of a rambling tome rather than a tight and interesting article.

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