6 Oct 2011

Exercise: Evidence of action

When demonstrating evidence of action in a photograph it is, by definition, a photograph taken after the event... the aftermath.  Although the exercise only asks for one photograph I have taken 3 contrasting situations mainly because I enjoyed the opportunity and didn't want to leave anything out.

My first shot is taken in the Yuan gardens just after this boy has fed the Koy carp in the lake... he gazes at the milling shoal as they look for remnants of food.

This second shot is of burning prayers left by a supplicant at a Chinese temple.

My third is a little tongue-in-cheek and is of three feet in a secluded balcony! 

Abstract ideas and concepts have to be given thought when put across by an image.  Watches are often advertised with pilots wearing them, as the technical training that a pilot receives and the demands he would put on his equipment are obviously valued by the makers of a watch and their customers.  Furniture and other objects of design are often portrayed in bright colours against a monochrome background or room so that the object leaps to our attention.  Huawey is a multinational networking and telecommunications company who recently ran an add with a pair of binoculars as the central image and a statement saying, "We see our customer's needs."  The correlation between a blossoming flower and investing in Thailand made use of the traditional orchids of the country along with the idea of blossoming investments.  Banking services often use generic but happy families to personalise something that is often considered impersonal and also to imply trust.

I have copied a couple of other examples below:

Since it is hard to portray a smell in a photograph, this room freshener product uses images from nature seen from within a room to give the impression of the fragrances you can expect.

Finally, even small companies can use imagery to get across concepts:

This insurance company has framed their company information within an expensive looking gilt picture frame to easily and cheaply give the impression of quality to their company.

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