19 Jan 2010

Assignment 1: Contrasts (practice)

Don't get excited this isn't actually my assignment.  It is suggested that in preparation for the project we look back through our previous photographs and choose four pairs of contrasts.  This will be valuable in helping us to recognise contrasting shots for the assignment.  I have delved into one area of my photography and come up with some images that I trust will work.





Having a good stock of photographs going back many years I felt that this wasn't too hard a task, although I limited myself to a small area of interest so that I could run a theme through the images to link them.  I now approach the actual assignment with trepidation as rather than being able to pick shots that have been gathered over a long time, I have to think through and then go and shoot new images.  I obviously don't want this assignment to hang around my neck for weeks but it is going to be so much harder to shoot to order!


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