17 Jan 2010

Exercise: Positioning the horizon

Experimentation on the position of the horizon is the purpose of this exercise.  Because of the foul weather I have resorted to using one of my stock photographs and altered it to move the horizon to three different positions.
Here the horizon is in a high position putting the emphasis on the foreground.  Luckily there is plenty in the foreground warrant such a position and it works quite well.  What we can see of the sky makes it look deceptively bland so at first glance it would appear have been a good decision.

 Placing the horizon in the centre is rarely a good place to put it as it divides interest between the two halves of the picture and neither receives sufficient attention.

A low horizon looks good on this photo as there is quite a dramatic sky to look at but from the shots above we know that there is also a lot of interest to be found in the foreground and in this crop it is lost. 

My preference is to the position of the original horizon, about 1/3 from the bottom which allows the striking sky to be seen in all its magnificence but also allows the city in the foreground to play a part in adding to the interest of the image.

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