27 Jan 2010


In Japan shooting part of a shrine with my wide angle lens.  Someone wants to get past so I grab my photobag and sling it on my shoulder still unzipped.  Behind me I hear a very expensive crunch which is the end of the high but perfect parabolic curve that my Canon 24-105 f4 L IS USM performed though the air before reaching the flag stones.

I feel lost without that lens as it is the mainstay of my photography and I am kind of on hold until I can get the insurance to pay up.


Addendum: I have tried hard to continue my work with a wide angle, fixed 50mm and my big zoom with limited success. However, on Monday a new replacement lens arrives and I can go back to business as usual.  I had no idea how much I depended on that lens until it wasn't around to use.  

The good side is that, like the exercise in taking photos in vertical format and then trying to shoot the same subject in the horizontal format, being forced to use different lenses has made me approach subjects from a different viewpoint that I might not have otherwise used.  The downside was that trying to be subtle about shooting people in the crime ridden city of Nairobi (which we jokingly call Nairobbery) with a damn great 100-400mm telephoto clamped onto the front of my camera wasn't comfortable.  I felt like I was wearing a sandwich board which said, 'Mug Me Please!'

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  1. Oh no !! How sickening but so easily done, hope you get the insurance sorted without any hassle.