9 Jan 2010

Part one: The frame

Having completed the Introduction phase of Photography 1, which is mainly involved with the mechanics of taking a picture, I now feel that this is the meat of the course.  Part one is The frame and is involved with composing well balanced pictures.  It has some fascinating projects and I am looking forward to shooting the exercises.  As was mentioned earlier, it is important to have a number of potential subjects available to photograph as there are a number of different set-ups required to demonstrate point of the exercises.  I hope that I can find enough suitable subjects!

Project: Looking through the viewfinder 

This first project is partly about seeing photographs where none might have been obvious. Many iconic photographs have been taken of the most ordinary objects such as William Eggleston's shot of a childs tricycle Untitled. 1970. William Eggleston.  and Peter Fischli & David Weiss's photographs of ordinary objects ballanced in unexpected combinations Fischli & Weiss.  Its not the subject that is really important but how it is shot and what effect it produces when viewed.  I am going to have to work my imagination hard to come up with some original pictures.

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